The H-1C nonimmigrant temporary worker classification which was introduced back in 1999 is for foreign nurses to perform services as a registered nurse in a health professional shortage area as determined by the Department of Labor in the U.S. Foreign-trained nurses who want to work in the United States must meet several educational and professional requirements. In order to immigrate, they must also secure a permanent residency visa, a job offer, other certifications and documents. The employer must submit a form that is known as I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant to the appropriate USCIS Service Center on behalf of the nurse. When approved, the RN must have passed either the CGFNS exam or the NCLEX exam, or be in possession of a “full and unrestricted license” as a registered nurse in the state of intended employment.

Total staying period is limited to 3 years. An extension of stay to complete the 3 year period of admission may be granted. However, an extension of stay may not be granted to extend the period of admission beyond the initial 3 year period of time.

In addition, spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age are also entitled to H-4 classification. H-4 is the nonimmigrant classification for dependents of H principal aliens. Your dependents may not work in the United States under the H-4 classification.

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