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Acquiring a business typically involves either an asset purchase or an equity-based purchase. The buyer purchases only the seller’s assets instead of buying the business as a whole with an asset purchase. An asset purchase will generally be more beneficial to the buyer than the seller from a tax perspective.

In an equity-based purchase, the buyer takes full ownership of the stock (corporation), the ownership interests (limited liability company), or the partnership interests (partnership) in the company, generally resulting in a more stable change in ownership and management and generally resulting in more beneficial tax consequences to the seller.

Ogmen & Associates helps finalizing the terms of the transaction and the closing process when it comes to the documents involved in the sale or purchase of a business or business merger issues.

The transaction can be beneficial to the merging entities when organizations combine to form a single entity in a merger, but it can be complicated only legally and operationally. The guidance of a competent business lawyer is essential when considering this kind of transaction.