Choosing the Best Structure for Your Business

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One of the most critical steps is to choose the right structure for your business when first starting out. To make the right decision for your own and your business good, you need to be informed by a business lawyer and take your steps with him/her through this process.

At Ogmen & Associates, we have helped many New York businesses work through these issues. Our clients like us because we give them an easy-to-understand, detailed outline of the issues and steps involved.

Choosing the right entity for your company

Each business entity has its own benefits and tax implications. At this point, working with a business law attorney will ensure that you maximize your investment and minimize your risk by effectively planning for your future growth.

You need to consider a number of factors when choosing an entity, including your management abilities, tax-related issues, business priorities, and long-term strategies.

For new small businesses, S corporations and LLCs are the most common entities.

As a start-up small business, your company will likely take the form of one of the following entities:

  • S corporation

  • C corporation

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • General or limited partnership


Ogmen Law & Associates assist you with making the right choice and with forming your new business entity. We help you to determine the best governance model and day-to-day management strategy that will work best for your business. Your success is ours.

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