We handle all of the non-immigrant categories, both at the inception and for extensions:

B1 & B2 – visitors for pleasure and for business

E1 & E2 – treaty investors and treaty traders

F1, M1 – students

H1A – registered nurses

H1B – professionals, performing a specialty occupation

H2A – agricultural workers

H2B – seasonal and short term workers

H3 – trainees

H4 – dependents

I – journalists, news media

J & Q – exchange visitors

K – fiancees

L – intracompany transferees

O – aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences or business

P – performing entertainers and athletes

P1 – internationally known athletes and entertainment groups

P2 – artists performing under a reciprocal exchange program

P3 – culturally unique entertainers

P4 – dependents

R – religious workers

V – spouses and minor children of permanent resident aliens for whom a family

petition was filed prior to December 21, 2000, and has been pending for over three years

For Canadians and Mexicans, NAFTA and/or U.S./Canada Free Trade Agreement contains some reciprocal provisions that may be applicable in individual cases, depending on circumstances

Other types of visas include C,D, TWOV, S, T and U. There are narrowly tailored and somewhat obscure visa categories, such as for crewmen, witness and informants, and transit visas

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