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The J-1 non immigrant visa is an educational and cultural program designed by the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs and is available for the individuals who are approved to join an exchange visitor program in the United States. The program fosters the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills in education, arts and sciences. Before you apply for J-1 Visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate office, individuals must meet the requirements and must be accepted for one of the many exchange visitor program categories available with a sponsoring organization. J-1 visitors may remain in the United States until the end of their exchange program, as specified on form DS-2019. Once a J-1 visitor’s program ends, he or she may remain in the United States for an additional 30 days in order to prepare for departure from the country.

Visa Interview Requirements as follows:

• The Certificate of Eligibility (Form DS-2019) issued by the sponsor of the program
• Supporting documents which are country specific and the consulate website will have details
• A valid passport, that does not expire within the next six months
• Form DS-160 completed online – this is the non-immigrant visa application
• Fee receipt confirming payment of the visa application fee of $160 (please check for the latest fees)
• A recent color 2”×2” photograph, in the specified format
• Proof of insurance that meets US government specified guidelines

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